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A Lizard of Unusual Size

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7/31/11 12:07 pm

I keep getting this weird Russian spam on my old LJ posts. Weird.

8/25/10 11:00 am


if so plz give it to me. even if we haven't talked. this is my last ditch effort to stay in touch since i think i'm ditching LJ for good. peace :)

mine is grahamcracka.tumblr.com

8/22/10 09:41 pm - update

so school started a few weeks ago, SENIOR YEAR WHOOP

and i have a half day, too! i get out at 12:30. and no math classes either! it's so amazing i can't even fathom getting senioritis because christ it's so easy

went and saw scott pilgrim a few days ago, it was over-hyped for me. didn't think it was the shit... but there were some funny bits. eh.

watched watching the detectives today, the one with cillian murphy and lucy liu. cute movie :3 and i drew a rapidash while i was watching because my attention span sucks.

well i should be going to sleep now but i guess i'll watch some stand-up comedy on the instant queue until i pass out.

8/2/10 10:33 pm

Quick random update. :]

1) I switched to Google Chrome, I quite like it. Firefox lost me 'cause it kept freezing
2) today I bought three books from Bookmans, now I officially have a fuckton to read. Am halfway through Choke by Chuck Palahniuk.
3) school is starting in nine days :((((((((((((((((((((((
4) been playing Braid on my xbox, cool indie game. Also forgot to mention I got a PS3. Yay?
5) Borrowed Metro 2033 from work again, hoping cute customer guy will come back in and talk to me about it since he was goading me to finish. c:
6) ... am sitting here, can't think of anything else to say.

EDIT: oh yes and if anyone wants to see me and my friend's shitteh cosplay

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6/8/10 10:16 pm

Hey all,

if you haven't forgotten aboot me, I just wanted to say it's summer now and I was thinking about RPing again maybe. Sooo, if anybody has any suggestions, as I haven't been on LJ in like a year. :[ thanks dudes!

7/27/09 03:23 pm - cosplay halp

For my teeny local comicon in January, I plan to dress up as a Spider Splicer from Bioshock. (Because I like to do things way after everyone else does I guess)

BUT even if you don't know what that is, you can still help me! I found a near-perfect dress at my Goodwill (it just doesn't have long sleeves, but I'm happy about that, because that means I don't have to sweat a lot!), and ripped it up accordingly. My problem: It looks like Tinkerbell.

pics and refsCollapse )

In other news, been looking up colleges and shit. Also downloading C++ right now so I can cry deeply at how much I fail.

7/22/09 12:36 pm - Sunny Cali

I'm on the first day of our vacation in California. We just went to the beach, and now we're about to head to my Uncle Tom's house, two hours away. God, those waves kicked my ass. Much stronger than I'm used to :( I got sand burn on one of my knees. They kind of scared me, but hopefully next time we go, in a few days, I'll have the balls to go in again. And CONQUER.

It's really nice here though, the weather is just gorgeous; it's much better than AZ atm, where it's a million degrees hotter and also monsoon season. (Although I love monsoon season - I heard the loudest thunder in my life the night before we left!)

Tomorrow we're going to Universal Studios, then after that a whole day at the beach. Then Saturday we're going to Little Tokyo and a car museum. :D

I've been trying to stop lurking and commenting more on you guys, but since I'm on vacation that probably won't be happening :U

7/1/09 02:52 am - shite

Well, I've been doing well for myself this summer, I think! I love my job very much, and it's pretty much the only reason I leave the house (lucky for me, I've been getting more hours :D). Still playing Left 4 Dead insanely much, but today I got ~THE 'WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO PROVE?' ACHIEVEMENT~ for beating all campaigns on expert. I feel so immensely badass, and it was only 35G. Whatever. Four more achievements to go, then I will be done with that game forever. Matthew's gonna be so pissed that I did it without him, it will be glorious.

But anyway, back to stuff. Today I got 'borrowed' to a store in Scottsdale, which was a good 20 minutes from my house, but that was ok I guess. Scottsdale is a really snooty town, and the mall this EB Games was in was EFFING HUGE and I got lost, but I had a fantastic time. It was supposed to be me and a kid named Chris on shift, but Frank stayed after his shift because we were having so much fun. I think we had 3 customers, and I probably did a half hour's worth of work. In five hours. It was soooo much different than my normal store - we're workaholics there.

It was so laid back though! And my god, my stomach hurt from laughing once I got home. We chatted about video games and Family Guy mostly, but man those guys were funny. We're planning to have a party where we just play MGS4 all night, which I am IMMENSELY excited about, since I've been dying to play that game forever. My mom is hesitant to let me chill with some random dudes, but they seem really harmless. In fact, I felt a little ostracized for my age. Chris is 19 and Frank is 21, so they were like "oh shit you're a little kid!" and were acting like they couldn't hang out with me because I was 16. idc, yo.

What else is going on? Not much. I bought CoD4:MW a few days ago, but I think I'll play it after I'm finished being obsessed with L4D achievements. I also need to read my summer reading books but Jane Eyre is all bleh and I am preoccupied with gaming.

6/16/09 09:47 pm - D:

I've been playing so much Left 4 Dead that when I'm quiet, I can vaguely hear a witch crying inside my head.

6/5/09 04:40 pm - Larger post than normalll

I GOT THE JOB AT GAMESTOP! I know a lot of people say it sucks to work there, but I'm really happy. I have a nice manager (as far as I can tell), and I'm going to try really hard to provide better customer service than a lot of Gamestop employees I've heard about. Ooh, I can't wait for my first day. :D Anyway -

Check out what I found at Lee Lee's yesterday! I don't know, maybe you guys see them everywhere or something, but I had never seen one in person before. So, I bought one! Unfortunately I took a bite and lost my appetite for the rest of the day. Clearly Snake's taste for this grapefruit-margarine-almond-potato-milk-egg powder crap was swayed from eating raw animals.

Probably most of you have seen this already, but here's the best trailer for the SH1 reimagining I've seen:

I think it looks CREEPY AS HELL and I can't wait to play it. Apparently the SH fandom is ripping itself to shreds because half hates it to death and half is interested. I personally think all the crazy differences make it more interesting.

I have all the achievements for RE5 now, except for the War Hero one but uh, no :/
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